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When I started this journey in January 2015 it was to enable me to make my own handmade natural soap after discovering the chemicals and unnatural ingredients lurking in soaps and cosmetic products, and the harm it does to our bodies and the environment.

The chemicals that are in commercial soaps today contain harmful and toxic ingredients:

Toxic Soap Ingredients

  • 1) Triclosan: Triclosan is a pesticide that has antibacterial properties. ...
  • 2) Dioxane: ...
  • 3) Sodium laurel sulfate (SLS): ...
  • 4) Diethanolamine (or DEA): ...
  • 5) Formaldehyde: ...
  • 6) Parabens: ...
  • 7) Fragrance: ...
  • 8) PEG-6:

I attended a Natural soap making course and discovered the vast array of lovely oils and butters that make good Cold Process Soap and the chemistry behind it.

Whilst researching the ingredients to create my own recipes at home I discovered that Palm oil is a main ingredient used by makers of handmade soap all over the world. Mainly because it is cheap and creates a good hard bar of soap. A lot of soap makers get around the issues surrounding Palm oil by using RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm oil) but sadly this is not always as it seems, please see this link:

I also discovered some more home truths about Palm oil that upset me deeply and set me on the road to creating my own recipes that do not contain palm oil at all.

My aim in creating Palm oil free soap is to help protect the Rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo and in particular to help save the Orangutan who are in a crisis situation. The Orangutan is one of our closest cousins with close to 97% human DNA. They are now close to extinction due to a huge loss of habitat, approximately 80%, mainly through deforestation, palm oil plantations, illegal hunting and illegal pet trade. Their habitat is being destroyed and they are hunted and killed for profit for the palm oil in our soaps and biscuits.

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